Winter Castle

At a time when the castles are usually asleep, the most interesting places of the Upper Castle and Middle Ages summer tours are ready to be visited.

Author: Jan Plánek, photo is not a subject of Creative Commons

Is Vimperk a castle or a chateau? How did the Renaissance get to the foothill town in Šumava?

Take a guided tour to the oldest preserved part of the castle - the Vlček Tower, to learn how the castle in Vimperk was built. Discover together how it was transformed into a Renaissance chateau during the dramatic period of the Thirty Years' War in Šumava. Admire the beautiful painted wooden ceiling under which the defenders of the castle fled during the conquest in 1619 and listen to the story of the family Novohradský from Kolovraty.

The tour is heated – the temperature in the rooms reaches a maximum of about 10 °C (with the exception of the Vlček Tower, which cannot be heated).

The tour is only possible with a guide.

Basic information

  • duration 45 minutes
  • max. 15 people

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
3. 1.–31. 3. Fri–Sun 10.00–10.00
1. 4.–30. 11. closed
1. 12.–18. 12. Fri–Sun 10.00–10.00

In the period January–March there is always one tour on the opening days, from 10:00. It is followed by the opening hours of the Vimperk Museum.


  • Regular 180 CZK
  • Reduced (youth 18–25 years old, seniors older than 65 years) 140 CZK
  • Children 6–17 years 70 CZK
  • Children 0–5 years free
  • Teacher supervision (1 person per 15 children) free
  • Travel agency guide (1 person per group of min. 15 people) free
  • Journalist with press accreditation (at work) free
  • More detailed information about discounts will be provided at the ticket office or by phone.

reservation needed for groups only